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Brendan Mangnitz, President , established the company after more than a decade of working in sales and customer service. He was ready to start his own business where he could deliver a quick, effective, affordable solution to a hazardous and potentially costly problem. His attention to detail, ethical business practices, and exceptional customer service have enabled him to come to the rescue of countless homeowners who are threatened by invasive wildlife. Brendan takes great satisfaction in transforming wildlife-stricken living environments to safe, fortified homes.

Kenny Clark, Vice President of Business Operations, is an expert at Raccoon Poop identification and offers more than a decade of sales, marketing, and finance experience. His understanding of sales, finance, and business helps make us one of the top-rate animal removal services in West Palm Beach. His clients value his ability to put their concerns at ease by thoroughly explaining how the company can provide solutions to their problems.

James, Vice President of Field Operations, brings more than 25 years of wildlife trapping experience to our Wildlife Control Company. Growing up in Cuba, James began trapping wildlife at a very young age and has been able to perfect his talents over a quarter century. James's knowledge of how the animals react and adapt to their ever-changing environments has been key in removing these pesky, often dangerous animals from unwanted places and transporting them to their natural refuge.

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Email: brendan@critter-marketing.com